About the Tveit Ski centre

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The Tveit Skisenter is a ski slope in Kristiansand.

The ski field is about 450 metres long with 1 pommer lift. It is run by volunteers and is open 7 days a week in the winter when there is enough snow. There are also snow canons to help keep some powder on the hill.

The ski run has some very fast and some slow areas, so it suits both beginners and experienced skiers. This hill is very popular with the local kids who come from all over Kristiansand to get some skiing. If you want to snowboard in Kristiansand or Ski in Kristiansand, then this is the place for you! Everyone is welcome.

It is the southern most ski field in Norway and has been open for many years. In 2010 the ski field was open from December to April. In 2011 we have also had a great season with similar opening times. To keep up with the latest developments, you can visit the Facebook page.

If you want to help support this volunteer Skisenter, they are selling hooded tops for 350kr (which is almost cost price). You can see the pictures of this on the home page. If you want to buy something VERY local in Kristiansand, then these tops are it!

Here is some great tourist information on Kristiansand in English.

Ski lift prices for 2016 and 2017 - (will be updated soon)
Tveit Ski centre prices 2016/2017
day pass Mon - fri sat - sun
kids 00 00
adults 00 00
pre paid Mon - fri sat - sun
thursday 00 00
friday 00 00

Opening Times -
The skifield is usally open at 5pm during the week until 9pm and from 11am on Saturdays and Sundays.

Contact Details -
Tveit Skisenter
Tveit, Norway, 4658

Epost: post@tveitskisenter.com
Tlf: 380 15100

We hope you have fun at the Tveit Skisenter!